Can Women Have Instant Orgasms?

“W”, a man from Illinois, aks:

Is it possible to make a woman have instant multiple orgasms to the point of orgasmic eruptions? If so how and are there different ways of doing so?


Yes it’s possible, but not in most situations!

Usually for a woman to be able to have instant orgasms she needs to have her mind turned on first.  If her brain is aroused, then she might be able to reach instant orgasm with a hot fast quickie done right. But if her brain isn’t turned on, then it’s going to take time to warm her up.

Plan ahead

So if you plan ahead a bit, then you can foster situations where you get her brain turned on in advance, and then when you have a chance to have sex you have a better chance of getting her to have instant orgasms and ejaculations.

Dont’ use your cock

If those are your specific goals, then I recommend not using your cock. You will be more able to precisely control the stimulation with your fingers and hands and tongue.  I know from wonderful personal experience that by inuendo and dirty talk and sending sexts and naughty pictures to my partner, I can get her mind turned on and get her hot for me. Then when we have a chance for a quickie, if I give her a hand job and go down on her at the same time, I can much more easily get her to come instantly and have ejaculations.

You need to understand how to get her mind turned on, and then you need to understand her anatomy: the g-spot and clitoris most of all–and then be able to let go of the need for yourself to have an orgasm and just give them to her.  You can have some later after she’s come a half a dozen times on your mouth and hands. I recommend using your fingers inside her to massage her g-spot whie your tongue massages her clit, and then when she gets super hot switching to the ejaculation stroke with your hand to push her over the edge.  Can probably make her come in less than two minutes this way.

Female Ejaculation Stroke

If you don’t know the female ejaculation stroke, you can watch a sexually explicit instructional video on tube8 here.

For further help

Any of these things could be a challenge to bring up, so again if you’d like to talk I’d be happy to speak with you and better-focus my advice for your specific situation. If you have questions or want to inquire about coaching, please get in touch.

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