The A-Spot = The Epicenter

The A-Spot & Cervix are known as the Epicenter because they produce earth-shattering orgasms similar to an earthquake, and their source is the deepest part inside the woman’s temple. Most women never get to experience these life-altering orgasms, and most men don’t have the knowledge to know how to love her there.

Let’s change that! The A-Spot & cervix are amazing sexual structures that, unlike the penis or clitoris, have no refractory period–so after they yield an orgasm, there is no need to stop the stimulation! You can keep on massaging, and they will continue to produce the whole-body, spiritual ecstasy orgasm that we all crave!

A-Spot & Cervical orgasms are often described as whole-body spiritual experiences similar to taking ecstacy!

How To Find The A-Spot

The A-Spot is located just on the front side of the cervix, in the pocket or curve of the vagina behind the G-Spot and Bladder called the Anterior Fornix Erogenous zone, or the AFE zone (google it!). It is known to produce rapid lubrication when massaged, so it is a powerful piece of knowledge for women that experience vaginal dryness! By even massaging their own A-Spot they can gain that delicious relief of vaginal lubrication that they desire.

Cervical & A-Spot Massage

Cervical & A-Spot massage should be done gently at first with massaging strokes that are light to medium pressure in a slow repetitive sliding or circling motion, not in-and-out like a penis does. They can take 30 to 45 minutes to achieve with constant stimulation, so you have to set your intention, connect deeply, and stay connected.

Women often describe them as a spiritual experience, like taking ecstasy, fusing with the world and releasing stuck energy and trauma. This is sexual alchemy here, so you have to be in a loving, connected, open space in order for the cervix & A-Spot to welcome you and bestow the gift of an Epicenter Orgasm. If there is any emotional distance, it’s best to do emotional clearing work rather than try to dive into these cervical depths.

Release Feel-Good Chemicals

Epicenter orgasms release a lot more oxytocin than clitoral orgasms, too, so the woman feels AMAZING and full of juicy deliciousness for a LONG time afterwards. Combined with the no-refractory-period and a masterful lover, she can have a 15-minute orgasm that will blast her into another universe!

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