Conversation with Danusia Melina Durban

Conversation with Danusia Melina Durban

Conversation with Danusia Melina Durban on the School For Fathers Podcast and syndicated on the School For Mothers Podcast, Oct 15, 2020.



  • (4.28) How was the Conscious Cock created
  • (6.54) Where does Kris most see the requirement to work on Conscious Cock
  • (10.25) How do regain Power without feeding into an alleged System
  • (14.03) How does Kris bring Men to the point where they feel they can own their wanting
  • (16.38) What is the Marriage of Consciousness and the Cock
  • (24.02) How to handle ‘NO’-From rejection to redirection
  • (30.43) Getting it somewhere else when you can’t get it from your Partner?
  • (35.00) How has Kris changed sexually after becoming a Father
  • (38.57) How to start healthy, Sex+ Sex Ed with your child/children

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