Honeydew Me

Honeydew Me

With Emma Norman & Cass Anderson, May 16, 2021

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  • (3.20) Who is Kristopher Lovestone?
  • (10.30) Choosing Archetype for Embodied Sexuality & Masculinity
  • (14.00) What is Male Empowerment?
  • (18.51) On Being Ravished
  • (19.29) Boundaries and Consent as Self-Empowerment Practice
  • (21.14) The Importance of having a Sexual Bucket List for yourself
  • (23.46) How has Sex Ed failed Men?
  • (27.20) Taking care of your Prostate
  • (32.05) Shame and how that has played into Male Sexuality + Masculinity
  • (35.20) How the Past is healed in Present
  • (36.32) Penis Size and anxiety around Lasting longer in Bed
  • (43.00) Learn how to worship the Goddess without focus of Penis & Vagina
  • (44.35) Tips for Men on Lasting long in Bed to decrease Anxiety
  • (52.42) Learn about Pleasure in a Co-creative manner
  • (57.40) How do you give Feedback in a way that doesn’t emasculate someone?

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