I keep being dumped! What should I do?

M, a woman from Zambia writes:

I have a problem with keeping my relationships. I end up being dumped i dont know where i go wrong.  And currently the guy i love is seeing someone else–he told me so himself and told me to hang on. I really dont know what i should do Kris!  And this has been disturbing me, I cant concetrate in school.


Get self empowered

Hi, Thank you for sharing that with me! What I recommend in these situations are things that will support YOU by empowering YOU. If you are feeling strong and “full” (like your tanks are filled up), like you are whole and complete, then you will be much better able to handle other people’s issues.

Set your standards

So one of those things that I recommend is developing some standards for yourself so that you don’t get treated like a doormat. To do that it helps to figure out some of the things that you need from the other person in order to feel good about being in a relationship with them.

Do your homework

I made a worksheet that helps you to work this out for yourself. It’s free. Let me give you the link to download it. It sounds like it could really help you to get clear on what you want, what you’ll stand for and what you won’t stand for.

Here is the link: https://consciouscock.com/agreements/

Make some agreements

Most people get into relationships without making any agreements. Then when trouble happens, they don’t have any handles to hold on to. If you have agreements, then you can easily measure whether or not each of you is living up to your end of the agreement.

It makes it much easier for you to relax your mind and focus on your work!

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