Interview on the #MenSexPleasure podcast

Interview on the #MenSexPleasure podcast

Interview on the #MenSexPleasure podcast with Australia’s leading men’s sex coach, Cam Fraser, Feb 11, 2021.

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  • (2.28) Kris shares his Story
  • (10.46) What lead to the creation of “Conscious Cock”
  • (13.45) Creating a 101-Style Course for Men
  • (16.06) Wash your Dick and start with the Basics
  • (22.56) Removing barriers to Intimacy
  • (26.40) The Influence of a Woman’s Cycle
  • (35.40) Reframing being “Pussy Whipped”
  • (39.00) Take Responsibility for your Sperm
  • (51.40) Conscious Penetration
  • (54.50) Awaken and Adult-Up

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