Jesse And Jenna’s Messy Podcast

May 12, 2021



  • (1.51) Inspiration to write Conscious Cock
  • (6.37) The Art of Ravishment
  • (7.37) What has stopped us from evolving romantically
  • (11.31) Where did Kris learn the skills of Sex & Relationships
  • (15.21) Bringing up the difficult conversation
  • (23.07) How to wield the power in consent
  • (27.32) Why people have a hard time being vulnerable when so many of us crave in connection
  • (28.49) Don’t let your Appearance go to the wayside
  • (35.00) Intercourse isn’t everything
  • (37.33) The Love Languages
  • (44.45) Being a health Ally
  • (49.39) 3 Biggest takeaways Kris wants you to walk away with

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