Conscious Cock Brotherhood Men’s Empowerment Circle

This is the space for courage and deep work.  This is not a woo-woo touchy feely cicle. Here, we are facilitated to be bold and get real, being radically honest with ourselves and each other, learning from each other, and giving and getting the true support that we need from other good men.

We begin each cirlce with ground rules and introduction to the special format. Then we each in-turn, should you so desire, share with the group what comes up for you. This simple structure provides us with a system that creates accountability and facilitates deep learning and massive change-making, and it provides us with much needed support and encouragement and solidarity that help us to turbo charge our evolution.

It’s so hard to “go it alone”.

The healthy, conscious path forward is to build a web of interconnectedness, friendship and allyship with other good men who are also working to make the world a better place. The Conscious Cock Men’s Circle format makes that a reality and helps us to carry our light forward to affect the world in a positive way.

In this container we get real about sex, women, parents, children, work, power, and our process at this point in our lives.  We enliven it with lightheartedness and playfulness, and a deep strength in our ability to hold space for each other to reveal our secrets so we can lighten our hearts and minds and stay in dynamic, interactive, improvised dance with the world and our relationships.

It’s not all about sitting in circle talking. We also get out an do: adventure activities, sports & hard work projects to help one of the brothers make an improvement in his home or work. Men connect by doing as much as by talking, and the circle container we create facilitates both.

So bring your raw truth, your pain, and your humor to the group & get real, make friends, and leave feeling seen, understood on a deeper level and like you have a profound support from other good men to be who you authentically are in the world.


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