Midlife Love Out Loud

Midlife Love Out Loud – Interview with Love Mentor Junie Moon Schreiber where we start with me turning away from med school and get deep on how the whole system of relationships is rigged for failure, how to have hard conversations with a high likelihood of success using “strategic vulnerability”, and making agreements with your partner as a way to strenghten your relationship.



  • (5.20) What does it mean, “The Game is rigged only if you cheat”
  • (7.22) Where was Kris when it came to relationship status when he left Medicine and dove into relationships and making it right
  • (13.37) Boundaries in relationship to dating and calling in the one
  • (21.15) How does Kris support some of our common fears, wants, desires when we have been told not to
  • (32.30) Pausing the heated argument vs Fucking it out!
  • (40.30) Understanding Small Talk

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