Podcast interview with Dennis R. Sumlin

Podcast interview with Dennis R. Sumlin of the Core Confidence Life Podcast for men. We deep dive in a fun, entertaining and educational conversation about *how you keep your penis in top condition as you age, *how we get rid of sexual shame, *ways to improve your sexual stamina with your partner, and *how you and your partner can experience amazing sexual pleasure. March 2, 2020.



  • (3.45) What does Kris do as a Sex and Relationship Counsellor and the unfolding of Conscious Cock
  • (6.55) What has Kris found that Men really want
  • (10.04) How do we change from a stigma-based mind-set to a more sex positive mind-set
  • (15.02) What are some of the topics Kris wants people to walk away with after reading the book
  • (20.00) Kegels for Men
  • (29.25) Semen Retention
  • (33.46) Understanding the Period
  • (40.00) The importance of understanding Her(His) Perspective
  • (45.33) Birth Control.. Vasectomies..Snip-Snip
  • (51.50) Giving a good Hand Job

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