Real Men Feel Podcast

Real Men Feel Podcast

Real Men Feel Podcast with Andy Grant, April 30, 2021.

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Highlights and Topics:

  • (1:26) What can men learn about sexuality from the archetype of the rooster?
  • (4:01) Is there a well-f*cked woman behind every successful man?
  • (8:20) How Kristopher rejected the narratives forced upon him.
  • (12:00) Where does our sexual shame come from?
  • (18:08) What about penis size makes men so insecure?
  • (25:30) Why genital orgasm is just a small part of the total sexual experience.
  • (29:40) Why are men so resistant to admitting that they don’t know?
  • (32:05) Are men responsible for keeping the sexual spark alive?
  • (34:35) How to talk about intimate topics in a safe and healthy way.
  • (38:30) How to fight through fear and communicate your deepest desires.
  • (41:30) Why joy, play, and curiosity are under-appreciated aspects of sexuality.

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