Recommitting: Making New & Renewing Old Agreements (with Ceremony)

We change over time as we age and continue to develop on our paths.  So do our partners. Agreements that we made at the beginning of our relationship need to be reviewed and renewed over time to make sure that our relationship supports our lives paths, and new agreements need to be made to address our increasing wisdom, insight, changes & experience.

In this class we will go through exercises to help each person in the relationship uncover what agreements they need/want in their relationship at this point in their life, and will hold a recommitment ceremony at some point afterwards* for anyone who wants to publicly recommit while in the sacred container.

*Note: This workshop would have two parts: 1) the 90 minute workshop, and 2) a ceremony in a nearby sacred space one to three days after the workshop–to allow the participants time to flush out their agreements before attending the ceremony that I would facilitate.  Since I’m an ordained minister, the ceremony could be legally binding as a legal marriage if desired.

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