Solve the G-Spot Once & For All!

To solve the G-Spot Puzzle once & for all you need to understand the anatomy and how it works! It’s not some mythical far off land, it’s a paradise that waits just inside, but you have to unlock it to release it’s treasures.

And when you do! OH MY! You can never go back to live in the dark ages again!

The G-Spot is actually not a spot. It’s a spongy sleeve around the urethral tube…just like the penis could be described as a spongy sleeve around the urethral tube! It’s proper name is the urethral sponge, and it is comprised of erectile tissue, again, just like the penis!

Finding the G-Spot is the first step to unlocking powerful orgasms that can lead to toe-curling female ejaculations!

That’s a major point to understand. As she gets aroused, the G-spot engorges and swells with blood and becomes more sensitive to touch. As this happens it becomes pleasurable to stroke it, rub it, and generally massage and love it up!

How To Find The G-Spot

The other thing to really understand is where it’s located. The urethra is in front of the vagina (between the vagina and her belly button), and it runs parallel to the vagina too.

So to reach the G-spot, you have to touch the front (belly button) side of the vagina. If she’s not sufficiently aroused, you won’t feel much, and she won’t get much or any pleasure from it, so it’s best to get her highly aroused by forplay to help you locate it more easily.

By exploring the front vaginal wall with your finger when she’s really turned on (think 15 minutes of really hot play and she’s wet and craving you), you should be able to feel a swollen area that can be between one to maybe three inches long. You literally can stroke it up and down it’s length like a penis once you find it!

How To Touch It

The single most important thing when exploring it is to ask her for her feedback, keep watching her body signals and movements, and STAY CONNECTED with her. Let her pleasure signs be your guide, and if you aren’t sure then ASK HER “Is this good” “Do you like this movement?” “How is this pressure?” “Am I on the spot?” etc…

Solving the G-spot puzzle is the first step to unlocking powerful G-spot orgasms and mind-bending and toe-curling ejaculations for her. By tuning into her, learning HER unique anatomy and arousal patterns, and being patient, you can become a G-Spot wizard and wield the magical powers of the urethral sponge in your relationship!

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