That Sex Chick

That Sex Chick

Interview on That Sex Chick with Alexa Martinez, April 12, 2021: Take Your Partner To The Cosmos.

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  • (7.47) What is the Code on changing sexuality and relationships?
  • (12.50) What does a healthy masculine role model look like and how do they show up?
  • (14.20) What are some things you wish more men knew?
  • (21.13) Understand how she works-The Keys to Queendom
  • (23.20) The Importance of Curiousity
  • (28.00) Taking your partner to the Cosmos
  • (29.30) Identifying barriers to Intimacy & Arousal
  • (36.30) Conscious relationship design strategies
  • (43.30) How do we keep relationships conscious, loving, hot and alive?
  • (51.05) The Importance of Getting help when you are in the dark

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