The Essential Man’s Literature Circle

Conscious Cock was featured book of the month in The Essential Man’s Literature Circle  with Soma Miller, Men’s Leadership Coach.  Check out the video interview, Dec 15, 2020.



  • (5.39) Setbacks Men facing in Relationship during Covid Lockdown
  • (9.51) How do we connect with our Partner during this great Pressure Cooker
  • (16.26) How to create more Awareness around a Man’s need/desires
  • (24.54) Distinguish the difference between one’s Needs and Desires
  • (36.36) Mix-matched arousal between Men and Women
  • (43.50) Boundaries and Consent
  • (50.30) Understanding Verbal/Non-Verbal Cues with our Partner
  • (57.15) Tips on How to Clear the Air when you have something on your Mind

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