Video interview with the publisher

Video interview with the publisher of Conscious Cock, clinical sexologist & author Dr. Gloria Brame, Ph.D. about the challenges men face in the modern world of sex & relationships, and how Conscious Cock helps address them. Feb 28, 2020.



  • (2.28) What initiated Kris to go on the Conscious Cock path
  • (7.32) How did the #MeToo movement affect Kris
  • (14.35) How does Kris describe the Conscious Cock:Empowered Sexuality Manual for Men
  • (18.35) Navigating a new way forward
  • (23.04) Are we being Authentic or People-Pleasing
  • (30.27) Schizophrenic approach to Masculinity
  • (34.09) Learn the skill of Improvisation
  • (38.20) Let the Body be your playground
  • (42.50) Beyond the expectation of Orgasm

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