Yes No Maybe Exercise by Kris Stone

Yes No Maybe Exercise – Worksheet Download

Yes No Maybe Exercise by Kris Stone
Yes No Maybe Exercise by Kris Lovestone

Spice up your relationship!

For most couples, one or both of the partners often feel like they aren’t exploring as many of their fantasies and desires as they would like.  Things can become stale & routine, and the spice and excitement wears off.  One of the ways to spice things up a bit again is to do this exercise!

Find out what your mutual erotic interests are!

Download & print out the worksheet twice, and give your partner one copy to fill out while you fill out the other.  Go down the list of activity possibilities and answer honestly if each one is something you are interested in doing, not interested in doing, or you might be interested but you aren’t sure yet.  Just put a check in either the Yes, No or Maybe column.  If you have any special thoughts about any specific activity, then write a note in the Notes column.

Then when you are both done put your sheets side by side and highlight any activities that you both answered Yes to and any activities that one of you answered Yes to and the other answered Maybe to.

Enjoy the new possibilities!

Then have a fun lighthearded flirty discussion about which of the activities you’d like to try together first, and make a plan to do them soon!  Let the excitement of trying new things together fill your relationship with joy and pleasure, and let yourself feel into the fact that by doing this exercise you and your partner are playing and exploring together! It’s super special to have a person that is interested in exploring new things with you, so show your appreciation and be giving and generous!


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